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Apex Hunter:
Does anyone have a email address or phone number for Yang Hang ??? The email address in the owners manual for my compressor is a invalid email address ! And I've spent hours on line trying to find a valid email or phone number for them with no luck at all !!  Some one out there must know how to get hold of Yang Hang !!! HELP PLEASE !!

Robert 5mm:
If you are referring to the Yong Heng compressor.
Sorry, cheap Chinese compressor that if you bought without a American company warranty ( like the Walmart one ) you are on your own.
There is no contact. But there is a lot of info here on GTA to help you depending on what you are wanting to do.

I cant help  ….other than to recommend u state your problem…from reading on here there is very little if anything these folks dont know…..or havent seen……one of them been there done that kinda thing…good luck

 If looking for parts try AliExpress


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