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Crosman 102

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Can someone help me with dating this crosman 102?

Walnut stock, 5 ring cocking knob & Buckhorn style rear sight

I'm guessing it's a later variant between 1948-50?

My guess would be a little earlier.   Looks like a repaint, look at the black on the bolt?

 Awhile back someone found a stash of old Crosman Rifles, I have one.  Good read at lest :)

Possibly around 1947 maybe 46, still a very nice 102. I have a few early ones, fun shooters.

Thanks for the info folks,

Let's say 1946

Yes it's possibly been re painted in the past by the looks of it. I've read that they come in gloss & wrinkle finish, is this correct?

Was the rear sight an option back then to have peep, buckhorn, tombstone style or is it down to variants?

Did they use steel for the first shuttles then brass & then aluminium?

Nice collection you have their Elroy, I like the chequered stocks


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