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Bringing back memories - Marksman model 70

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Iíve owned magnum springers, Beeman, chinese, crosman, gamo + and have let every one go.

The Rekord trigger caught my eye, I got close enough to see the price 🤩 and my better judgement disappeared.

I added the Center Point scope after getting home, its maybe too much scope, but I had it just waiting for a home. Sighted in at 10 yards to start. 1rst shot was low left. 2nd shot, I thought I was off the paper. 3rd shot opened the hole from the 1rst just enough. This thing will shoot!

Several shots over the chrony with 7.87 JSBs were very consistent at 900-903 fps. I think thats pretty close to spec?

I had forgotten just how nice the Rekord trigger is!

I have a Marksman Model 70 also but mine has the older trigger version, believe it's called the perfekt.  Not as nice as the record but still a nice trigger.  They are a nice shooting rifle and very well made, you don't see many of them around, production must have been pretty low.

A BSF  design. It's basically a Beeman R10 or HW85(old type). Does it have a slide safety? The first mark R11 had a slide safety. The BSF version Rekord
A version of the BSF55 I believe. The BSF 55 progressed until it was eventually the same rifle as the R10/ HW85


I got my Marksman model 70 back in the 1990ís.  Originally had the BSF trigger, but I sent it to Marksman and they installed the Weihrauch Rekord trigger.  So, apparently they can be upgraded.  Yes, this thing will stack pellets in the same hole.  Itís one of those ďIíll never get rid of itĒ guns. 

Eastern MO


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