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SHERIDAN , another one "rescued."

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    A few weeks ago, I bought a '76 Sheridan Blue Streak that was in good operating condition, supposedly. I paid a fair price for it in such condition & was anxious to receive it. I set up a target with a few pellets & got ready to shoot it in 90 degree weather. I immediately ran into a problem. The pump arm would spring out quickly every time you tried to pump. It held pressure from 1-2 pumps but no more, & there was not an increase in pumping pressure.  I sent it to my repairman & he found out that someone had damaged the internals during a repair attempt . YUKK ! He was able to repair it & I just got it back. I have only shot it a couple of times , but everything seems to be fine now. As always, I will chrony it & do a simple accuracy test, since my eyes are getting older. I did take a few pix of it to show you guys .
  NOTE = Be careful who you send your rifles into for repairs.

 Nice to see another one back in operation  8) Hard to find at a fair price in good condition now days for sure. It takes patience and attention to detail, along with experience working on old crusty things for sure.

Habanero69er 🇺🇸:
Nice save Steve. I kinda like the darker wood.

Beautiful gun! Glad it's up and feeling better.

  Thanks. I should mention that the seller did refund partial payment due to it being inoperative. At least , it is not sitting in the back of someone's closet , now. After testing, she goes into the " stable " with the others.


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