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Crosman 760 5th variant .22 carbine


Actually quite a frankengun lol! Butt stock, metal receiver and trigger mech from a 5th variant 760. Barrel is a 15'' left over piece of a 24'' Crosman 2260 .22 barrel I bought a while ago, machined to fit a plastic barrel support/breech. Compression tube from a M4-177. The piston and valve are bone stock 760 stuff. I cut off the stock probe off the cocking block and made a new Oringed, open bottom, flow-through bolt probe, and machined the pellet channel in the receiver to 1/4''. I get a max of 491 fps with 11.9 GR Hobbys, and 463 fps with CPUM 14.3 grains. I use a UTG 3-12x32 AO SF scope on the gun, perfectly balanced for its size. I also added a small steel muzzle brake to complement the package, and a 13xx forearm to slim the rifle's line down a bit. The gun is very nimble, only 32'' long. Hope you like the view!

 The slim pump handle gives it that old school carbine look.  8)


--- Quote from: Back_Roads on July 28, 2023, 07:22:07 AM --- The slim pump handle gives it that old school carbine look.  8)

--- End quote ---

That's pretty much what I was looking for, love that look ;)


Nice bolt mod.

I had done something similar, with magnet removed, for my 1978 760 mod with 66 comp tube and Lothar Walther barrel. I added an O-ring seal between the barrel and support though.


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