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  Pellet.Hits.The.Can. < Plinking, hunting paper and cans. Why, because Launching lead from steel at aluminum, tin or paper or anything not alive is good fun.
  I have a new Snowpeak SP500.
It took 5 days to get here all the way from Netherlands, that is fast shipping. First i tightened all the stock screws and cleaned the barrel.  Nice micro adjust turn screws on the rear sight. Cocking and Wedge type Lockup is smooth. Takes maybe >15 lbs to open the barrel, light. The safety is a push button on the trigger. A small allen screw on the front of the triggerblade is used to adjust the trigger. Has a nice rubber overlay on the Pistolgrip. Barrel is around 8.75" or 220mm. OAL is around 15, 3/8" or 390mm. A 1377 is around 357mm OAL. Weight is nearly the same though the SP500 may be an ounce < +/- heavier, still light, 13xx is my "normal pistol" feel.
 First 10 shots with SSM 8.2gr, Hitting high and right. Changed to EHD 7.9gr. SP500 Hitting all over the place in first 20-30shots then started to calm down and settle groups. There was a 10 mph headwind which is not good for lower power accuracy. Around 50 shots in i was getting 1.5" groups, one of my new 1377 is setup for 3 and 4 pumps will do less than an inch at 10yards with 3 pumps and CPW 7.4gr. With the rear sight bottomed out still hitting around .5 high at 10 yards and around 1" high at 15yards.
  To fix the high hitting rear sight i removed the stock from the action, 8 of #2 philips screws, 4 hold the action, 2 hold the 2 frame, 2 hold the grip overlay. . Then using a file and a small sharp knife i removed some material where the rear sight was hitting the stock. Removed around 2- 2.5mm. Good. But not done, next i tightened the barrel hinge screw. And added blue locktight to the hinge nut and the stock screws. Almost done. Vinyl Electric tape down both sides on the compression tube, reassemble action to stock and cut off the exposed tape. Added Camo Gtape to the barrel this adds a some grams of weight to the front, eats vibrations and give me a nice handle from the cold steel..
  I tried some loosegoose grip shots < Zero, Zip, Keiner Accuracy> pistol lurches forward and placing shots where the pistol wants, not where i want. I tried some forearm rested shots, also tried holding the forearm, doing this changes the shot POI. For me it has to be held out with 2 hands gripped firmly. At a later time i may try some padded rested shots but im sure this one doesnt like to be rested.
  In the first shots the trigger was randomy, either get little travel or no travel, not heavy not light trigger pull.  I tried adjusting the trigger screw out, this removed travel while adding to the trigger weight. I then adjusted in past the original setting. After a few shots and adjustments i got the trigger to where i like < travel with a pressure stop, pull weight is not heavy. Ill try fine adjusting at a later time, but fornow i like how i have it set. 
  Nice barrel I tried some CPW and CPD 7.4gr and RDB 7.0gr being light pellets and lightly loose fit they brought about alot of movement during the shot. Just to try already knowing..  DaisyPointed 7.5gr, too tight fit.. no good. Hits very low and makes the shot cycle sound bad. CPHP 7.9gr tried 1 of these, fit was snug but not too much. Hit where i aimed at 10yards, shot cycle was smooth, but ill use these on higher medium power AGs. PremiumRoundNose 8.4gr good fit, but too heavy hitting abit too low and sounds like the powerplant not happy pushing these.
So far ExciteHammerDome 7.9gr, CrosmanMatchGrade 7.9gr, SigSauerMatch 8.2gr have the best fit not loose not tight and bring about a smooth shot cycle and give me the best accuracy.
 Today weather was windy and rainy, so i shot some cans without seeking accuracy.
   Around 200 + shots in
Sp500 + EHD 7.9gr


17fps spread
Avg 413fps
3.0 FPE

  At a later time ill chrono the CMG 7.9gr and the SSM 8.2 gr.
  Cans at 10 -15yards stand no chance against my PHTC Pistola.
IkbiendeKoning opde luftgewehr


  After the rain past, I ran more shots through. Today i noticed the airgun had calmed down in recoil so i thought id give the light pellets another run. Compared to 100 shots in, the shot cycle sound is louder, but still quiet.. 1377 with 3 pumps is louder. I have a decibel app but, thatll be done another time.
Began with the CMG7.9gr and work my way to the 7.4s. Next was the non crosmans, starting with 8.2gr and ending with 6.9gr.
  Barrel was cleaned around 150 shots, before the test below. The pistol was allowed to cool off for 5+ minutes in 50F- 52F between each pellet test, no warmup shots or re-leading shots. 
 Test begins with 250+ shots in, 10 shots each pellet.
RwsSuperHP 6.9gr
10fps spread
 RwsDiabloBasic 7.0gr
14fps spread
Avg 437fps
CrosmanPremierWadcutter 7.4gr
24fps spread
Avg 399fps
CrosmanPointed 7.4gr
37fps spread
Avg 395fps
CrosmanPremier Destroyer 7.4gr
12fps spread
CrosmanMatchGrade 7.9gr
32fps spread
SigSauerMatch 8.2 gr
23fps spread
Avg 405fps
Tested around 200 shots in.
17fps spread
Avg 413fps
3.0 FPE
Retest @ 300 +shots
18fps spread
Avg 409fps
After the test I cleaned the barrel and send a few more down range.. with the shot cycle smoothing 6.9gr- 7.4gr were better behaved than before.
Ill be setting 3" paper shootnsee targets at 10 and 15yards to see what I can print on paper with the tested pellets.


 I once said somewhere else that i thought the UxTrevox .177 was Hot and Loud. It is both Hot and Loud. Abit heavy compared to the other pistols i have.
 Opening and cocking the barrel is abit heavy. Good strong smooth ball type lockup. Manual Safety is right above the trigger on the stock, push button type.
 After around 50 shots i encountered 1 problem, the pin in the cocking arm link came loose blocking the cocking process. I removed the stock from the action, 2 front screw and 1 rearscrew behind the PistolGrip. I then knocked the pin using a punch to re flare the end of the pin.
 I then removed the breech seal and added 2 layers of halfcut threadtape to shim the seal out. I also added Blue locktight to the screws. Then i opened up the Breech Leade using a cone shaped stone bit and a Dremel.
 One other thing. After a couple hundred shots the rearsight broke after taking a small fall. I was unable to repair it nor did i contact Ux on getting a replacement rearsight. I tried a Hammers 2x20mm for awhile, but chose to go with a Hawkeye Open Red Dot sight mounted on a Lonsel Dovetail Picatinny rail. This has my sight 2.5" above pellet, more than i would like. I might try to McGyver a rearsight on there. I really did like this with the Open sights. But rather Flimy Rearsight design as is.
 Cans at 15 and 20 Yards get hit when i have my elbows rested. Trigger adjusted to add travel. I would like to shorten the travel some amount. The adjustment screw is infront of the trigger, the stock must be removed to access the adjustment screw. Ill be drilling a hole in the triggerguard to access the adjustment screw without having to remove the stock.
 OAL<  18 1/8", 461mm
Barrel< 10 1/8", 257mm

CPHP 8.0gr
Varying fit, good to snug fit

1. 489
2. 490
3. 503
4. 514
5. 511
6. 495
7. 504
8. 510
9. 508
10. 495

 Spread< 25 FPS
  Avg 502 FPS
  4.5 FPE


I have got a lot of fun out of my Trevox. If you want to reduce the trigger travel, there's a screwhead that is visible right in front of the trigger. If you replace that with a longer screw, you can reduce the pretravel.

You can also take out the trigger return spring, completely. The trigger will flop around when uncocked. But the sear spring, alone, is plenty strong enough for the gun to function properly. The trigger will be significantly lighter.

The length to the trigger is very short for adult hands and the angle of the triggers gets weird, after you do this. I added a trigger shoe to get it where I wanted.

You can check to make sure the safety still engages, after each adjustment to the trigger screw. On mine, the safety is the first thing that will stop working as you adjust the screw in. My safety actually broke, because I set it to where it took a little force to engage... and it just eventually snapped one time as I tried to engage it!


Rear sight also broke on mine, only a few weeks in. I fabbed up my own. I also use a red dot, at times, and I found it necessary to add a scope stop to keep it from moving. Pretty simple to do, if you have a tap set, but you have to take the gun apart. Getting it back in is pretty hard but possible (if you weigh 180+ lbs!) without a spring compressor.

Hot and Loud: Mine dieseled for a long, long time. After it finally stops, I find my Trevox is seemingly the quietest 500 fps springer/gas-piston I own! But maybe it's deceiving, since all my other springer are rifles! 

NUk... im following your sp500 saga with lots of interest. I am on the fence about getting one (Diana p-five ), but that power level sounds about right. There is something mystical about shooting a breakbarrel pistol that really fascinates me. I have several spring pistols (webleys and HW) and have been able to get good results. Its all a matter of perception and setting right expectations with those. I had a 5g a while back and it was difficult to shoot accurately. But i also expected to have rifle accuracy at 20 yards. they are not for that. 10 yards is plenty far. If i can tame mine to do 1 in groups at 8 to 10 yards, i'll be happy. I have been tempted by the Benji nitro and the trevox... but have not given in due to the sights. Maybe a Hatsan???


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