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Some Velocity adjusters in SS for Crosman 2240 and the like.

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Please Critique, or I am open for suggestions.

Jay looks good.
I like the short one.
If you remove the adjusting bolt is the hole large enough to remove the hammer spring?
Sure comes in handy to be able to change the hammer spring without having to remove the end cap.
Just a idea for you. I am assuming the other piece is a spring guide?
Why not get a longer let's say 3/8 x24 ss bolt and machine the spring guide on the end.
Make it one piece.  On the head turn it round and knurl it. 3/8 would let you remove the spring?
Just remove the adjuster/ guide and slide the spring out. Of course you will have to drill and thread the end cap for the bolt size you use. It would also allow you to remove the bolt and spring and screw in a ssg. Just food for thought.

Photo of some I made a decade ago.... The ones on the left are 22XX/Disco, those on the right are for the 13XX pumpers with a 3/4" OD tube....

Aluminum bodies, 3/8" SS set screws for the adjuster, with a jam nut.... You could eliminate the jam nut by using a cross set-screw pressing a plastic ball against the threads to prevent it from turning too easily and losing adjustment.... The threaded hole is large enough to pass the hammer springs through, which IMO makes tuning sooooooooooooooo much easier....  Here is another style, using the rear plug from a Disco, and incorporating a degassing rod....

Disassembled.... Note the front end of the 3/8" SS setscrew turned down for a spring seat.... The ones above were done the same way.... Female 10-32 threads in the
3/8" setscrew for the degasser rod....

If you want to use any of these ideas, help yourself....  8) .... Providing SSG's for the 22XX and 13XX tubes would be a good idea, too....


Great Ideas guys, I was just going off of what I did to Paintball guns in the 80's and 90's.

I use an O-ring on the inside as a friction lock.

I wasn't aware changing springs was a thing, when it was set it was good , on P/B guns we had to keep it at 300 fps. and that would change on your gun from Am to Pm heat.

I was using what I had on the shelf to keep the price down to $25 each.

I have aesthetic issues with things sticking out the back and try really hard to avoid it. I often use grub screws set into the end of the adjustment rod to facilitate the adjustment. A bit more work and might require a tool...but it doesn't stick out.

Have pretty much settled on 3/8-24 for the adjustment thread...occasionally 1/2-20.

Can also hide them in a stock mount.

SSG's area bit different and require a higher than normal parts count...but my time is 60 minutes an hour so... why not. ;)



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