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End OD deburring or Taper Cutter

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I have need to deburr or cut a short taper on the end of 3/16" dia. plastic.
Problem is that the end is not accessible from any position except axially from the front.

I am looking for a tool to be applied from directly in front of the rod, and it cannot be any larger than 1" O.D.
Taper angle is not important.....
Kind of a pencil sharpener, but for a rather stubby (3/8" long) pencil.

This is needed in order to ease starting a threading die to the end of the material....

Any pointers ?? (pun intended....)

Is there any reason you can't use an ordinary lathe tool mounted to come in along the spindle axis?  Typically on a tool post there is a cross-axis mount and an axis mount.  If you use a v tool mounted like < you can come in along the spindle axis.  You can use the same tool to do OD's and ID's.

If you show a picture, of what you need to do, it might be easier to suggest a solution.

I cut the original probe off 1/2 to 3/8" from the base, and need to thread the resulting nub......

@Ronno6, not sure I understand, as I am unfamiliar with this assembly, do you mean the part pointed to by the arrow?  And this is all one piece?

If so, I'd still try a lathe tool installed like a boring bar to chamfer it.  Are you using a four jaw to hold this?  Must be fun, just to indicate it. 

If my assumption was wrong, could you show the part mounted in the lathe, which would make it more obvious what you are trying to do...

What Bruce said, I think.  But to be clear, you want to chamfer the tip slightly so you can then more easily use a die to thread that short probe on the bolt?  Yeah, what Bruce said.  Although seems kinda difficult unless you can take that thing apart and hold just the bolt in a lathe chuck.  You also might consider just using a file to break the edge.  I know we always want to use our machine tools, but sometimes itís more effort than just using simple hand tools.


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