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The SPA PP-700 gets MORE AIR Volume


Quick recap, Heavily modified PP-700 sporting a 15" LW barrel in .20 cal  ;D
Was put together as a Field Target ( Pistol ) convertible from an AAFTA >12fpe LEGAL to an EXTREME FT pistol at >20 fpe.  Only change the Reg setting and HST the mighty little PP-700 can deliver  ;)

NOT ENOUGH AIR on board at >20 fpe output and marginal at >12 fpe.  Can't use a bottle mod because factory reg was long ago gutted and retrofitted with an in tube HuMa.

So ... we fabricated up a longer air tube using Marauder parts & an Alloy JSAR air tube scrap and got it all to fit.  All done the air capacity more than doubled  8)

It's DONE ...
Set up with wind flag, Dope 9-56 yards, Bubble level, Eye shade, few extra pellets at the ready.  Shot and data proofed it's a shooter !!

Always like the pp700 builds...

Looking good, have been thinking about getting one to play with.
Always liked the looks of the PP-700



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