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Diana 60 Tyro...perfection by committee

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--- Quote from: SwampHunter on June 06, 2023, 09:18:53 AM ---Beautiful gun, but can you explain how the trigger works?

--- End quote ---

The Diana models 60, 65, and 66 all have the same trigger. It's excellent - VERY light and crisp, with several adjustments, but the blade cannot be moved. Their main competition in those days (Anschutz 250, FWB 300, Walther LGV) all had blades that could be slid fore-and-aft and/or tilted.

The auxiliary front trigger blade is Diana's answer to this. It's a simple hollow sheet metal blade that just screws to the front of the main blade, and can be bent around to whatever position the shooter desires. It's NOT a double-set trigger, and has no effect at all on any internal parts of the trigger mechanism. It's crude and looks weird, but does the job, LOL!

The threaded hole for mounting the auxiliary blade was added for the model 65 in the late 1960's. Model 60's made before that do not have it, but late ones like mine do.

Closing the loop on a couple questions - a 1967 D60 Match compared to the 1982 Tyro, and a couple shots of the auxiliary trigger blade. Which is really a little goofy, LOL.

As a matter of general interest, note that besides the unmistakable cheekpiece, the butt of a Tyrolean stock is typically shorter and has more drop than a standard one.

Both of those rifles are terrific!


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