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Norica Omnia ZRS .22 - Zero Recoil System Breakbarrel -This Changes EVERYTHING!



Todayís video on the Norica Omnia ZRS .22 with ATN scope and JSB pellets is brought to you by PyramydAir

The Norica Omnia ZRS brings Zero Recoil breakbarrel shooting to mainstream airgunners.  Zero recoil systems have existed for a while, take the Diana 54 airking, but they have been expensive.  The Norica Omnia ZRS delivers amazing zero recoil performance to shooters looking for a more affordable airgun.  Itís accurate, fun, and did we mention that it has ZERO RECOIL?

Products used in this video:
Norica Omnia ZRS .22:
ATN X-Sight LTV Scope:
(PA Carries the X-Sight 4K Pro model:
JSB Pellets:

Man, itís a great time to be an airgunner!

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I've had a Diana 56th for a long time and it has broke a couple of scopes. For awhile it's had a Bullseye ZR Mount and a Vortex 4-12x40 AO mildot scope which has lasted a long time.

In this video you can see the barrel, barrel block and cocking arm recoil into the receiver of the Norica ZRS but the receiver and scope do not move so it seems the scope is not "feeling" the recoil. Where as on a D54/56th you feel a little recoil but the scope "feels" it all.

The trigger is probably the same trigger in my Norica Black Eagle and Massimo which is pretty good.

Springer guy like me, got to have one. I wouldn't walk across the street to pick up a PCP for free.

Very interesting gun.  I do see the barrel recoil movement but the scope does not appear to.  That leaves me wondering to what the scope is attached - the stock?  Very strange.  I also wonder how the pivot is constructed and what supports it.  Is it supported solidly like Weihrauch and Diana or only by washers like Crosman?  I doubt I'll ever know and without that knowledge there's no way I'd lay down $400 for the gun.  I won't even get into the ugly stock as it does appear to work well.  Thanks for sharing the video.


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