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JSB .22 Beast pellets in need of a rifle - Eagle Claw?

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I did own one of the Sumatra Carbines for a while and it was a nice rifle. Was a bit LOUD so required a helper on the end!

 Sheboygan is like Collins no noise issues for the most part.

I have an Eagle Claw rifle, but it's in 25 cal. I love the accuracy with which it slings 33 grain slugs at 950+ FPS. I'm sure the .22 cal is also a fine rifle, if a bit less powerful. In either caliber the rifle variant is comparable to a 22 LR shooting subsonic loads when the power adjuster is set to max. There is a valve on the market that can boost the power by some 25%, which is impressive! I agree with James that the AEA Challenger series is a comparable option in terms of power. Not sure if I agree on fit or finish, however. Even for a "mid tier" brand, the Seneca/Sam Yang products are very nicely made. If you don't mind a bit of tinkering and adjusting the AEA Challenger would serve you just as well. To my knowledge there aren't many, if any, other 25 cal repeaters on the market at the 70+ FPE power level without spending four figures or more. I do wish my Eagle Claw was lighter, but not sure if that's possible short of having a custom Ti or Al tube made for the gun. A few pounds lighter and it would be about perfect for an all round platform for small or mid size game.

They will fit in a prod magazine. I was able to get them up over 900 fps with a 19 barrel and valve porting. If tinkering is your cup o tea..

bear air:
The eagle claw carbine is a nice looking rifle. I have a std challenger in 30. Nice rifle with plenty of power even nicer now I reshaped the stock and lost the 2x4 feel. I used to shoot those out of my gen 1 stormrider at 745 fps. They actually shot pretty true out to 50 yards. If memory serves me right it took a couple rabbits and a couple squirrels out at that distance.


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