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Javi - Not Responding after Payment

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No, the Airgun did not arrive. Still no word or refund.


I think he must have sold it three times then. Mitch, I didn't know you bought it too. I thought Cameron (Kerndtc) bought and paid for it and sent mailing label. I believe he actually received the airgun package.

Dave, I paid for the gun on April 28th. I wrote you on May 8th and asked for advice on how to handle it. I also told you that Javi had another ad on the Board. I never received any more word from you. I found this complaint today when I was preparing to post my own.
I have had several great transactions through the classifieds here. Itís a shame that not only I was scammed by this guy but others members as well.
We should.


Sorry it just didn't click that this was the same seller scamming others. I DID receive an email from someone saying they felt they might have been scammed in the classifieds and I asked the name of the seller. But I never received a response to my inquiry. I have now banned Javi from GTA Forums. I hope everyone can get their funds returned. And if anyone is a member and frequents AGN (I don't go there personally) you might warn them since I understand he has items listed over there too.

Hello All,

I don't know if I was the original purchaser or the first person to send Javi payment, he sent pictures of the gun with all the accessories said he was going to send them all to me.

I paid for it on the 19th I believe, sent him a prepaid label on the 20th and did not receive any further communication from him after trying to reach out on multiple platforms. Text message, GTA message, email. Not until I threatened to report him on GTA did I get a response. I believe this was the only reason why I wound up getting the gun is because he didn't want me to raise a fuss.

I received the gun after waiting 6 or 7 days for him to ship it, it came a little beat up but with everything he stated it would come with.

This was a serious lesson for me to pay the additional percentage on PayPal to ensure I have insurance.



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