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VEVOR PCP Air Compressor and the Hatsan USA Jet 2 - Very interesting combo!



This video on the VEVOR PCP Air Compressor was unsponsored and brought to you by AirgunWeb.  The Compressor was provided free of charge by Vevor ( for evaluation and testing.  The Hatsan Jet 2 was purchased internally for our internal video review projects.

VEVOR PCP Air Compressor:
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Personal Portable Compressors are getting more affordable and more durable.  The Vevor PCP Air Compressor ( packs a lot of punch into a VERY affordable package.  How does it work?  How does it run?  How long will it last?  I guess we’ll find out in the long run.  Today, we’ll hit the basics on features and operation.  We are excited to work with this new product and Vevor. 

The Hatasn Jet 2 is new from Hatsan USA and has more going on than you might think.  Today we’ll unbox it and take our first look. We have our initial out-of-the-box video already in the can and off to the editors.  Long live Micro Carbine Airguns!

Man, it’s a great time to be an airgunner!!!

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