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362 Anniversary Edition

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Will ring Crosman tomorrow and inquire if they can be pre-ordered this early.

Stay tuned  :-*

Yeah, the barrel band is the only thing that is off 💀

Blowpipe Sam:
Bets the wood stock shows up soon as a custom shop item. :P

With a metal barrel band and trigger guard I'd actually be tempted, but the plastic kills it for me.

To me the plastic totally nullifies the wood furniture, and that's why I never bought wood furniture for my 2100.
Plastic piston rod, plastic barrel band, and plastic bolt assembly.
This special 362 is so close, it's just the trigger guard and barrel band.
I know these 2 things could be replaced, but that's well over another $100 to do so with the aftermarket options available and for that money I can check an early 80's benji 342 off my list.

Overall it is a pretty nice looking gun though, and I'm glad Crosman still kind of knows how to make a decent pumper.

actually the 362 trigger housing is probably the same stuff that the 2100 receiver is made of... a cast Zamak alloy is my guess... looks near the same as the Disco/Maximus trigger housing but is cast metal.. ;)


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