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F-Class Targets for NUAH at 300-600 yards. ***APPROVED - SEE RULES!***

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Any target that includes the 4moa ring. Assuming this would also include the MR-63F and MR-1F. They include the same 4moa ring ast the center target, plus more.

Jeff, you can change your vote by removing it and then re-voting.... I agree that for consistency the 4 MOA ring should be on all eligible targets, just to catch those flyers when all the rest are in the 10 or X....  ::)

Thanks, Scott, for the suggestion, this option will be a boon to those shooting 300+ yards.... I'll let the poll run for the 2 weeks, and then make a final decision....


OK. Changed my vote.

Member status requires 3 out of 5 in the 4moa ring. I’m thinking that besides the 4moa (“8”)ring, maybe all accepted targets should also include the 8moa (“5”) ring.

The 4moa circle registers all hits that count. The 8moa ring would pick up the misses.

“-FC” targets by themselves are too small to encompasses misses. -FC could be used for practice.

But “-F” (not “-FC”) targets for submission.

What about that?

I can see your point, Scott, but our 8.5 x 11 NUAH target is used out to 200 yards, and the outside ring is 8", which is 4 MOA at 200 yards.... There would be no difference between that and any target that only has a 4 MOA ring.... In addition, the 300 yards MR-63FC and 600 yard MR-1FC "center targets" both have 6 MOA rings, it is only the 500 yard MR-65FC "center" target that is the problem, and we can require the full size MR-65F behind it.... The larger one could be reused until there is a hole outside the "center" target....



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