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Altaros long ranged shooting and equipment

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Congratulations, and welcome to NUAH.... I have added you as a Sharpshooter, qualifying at 200-299 yards.... GREAT SHOOTING !!!!  8)

I have updated the Chart in the Membership Thread as well....  ;)


Very impressive and congratulations on making sharpshooter beyond 200 yards.

thank you, but it's actually a bit old information. I shot this the next day when the wind calmed down

I will upgrade you to Master at 300 yards, based on this video.... In future, please make a separate post, so that I won't miss it.... Dang fine shooting Bud!....  8)


thanks Bob, I'll keep that in mind and make a separate thread next time.
Now I probably won't have time for a while, but then I would like to reach the 400 yard mark (on the same A4 target, it just fit into the largest 4MOA 200 yard circle and it will be 2 MOA 400 yards) but I don't think I would be able to achieve group under 1 MOA,  maybe with a lot of attempts, but there is no time for that and in my opinion it does not reflect reality either.

This 300 yard target was hit as a 3 target after finding the POI. After the first 2 targets I found a suitable position to hold the rifle, so no big effort, but admittedly the conditions were very good except for the rain.
Anyway, every +100 yards is significantly harder, as the inaccuracy does not increase linearly with distance, but that I don't need to explain to you.

I also wanted to ask if the graphic chart with new data will also be modified over time?


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