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Off Season 10M Casual Match #10 Year 22/23

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Scott,this is the first time I shot my guns since I got sick. Hope no body gets mad at me.

Name:Glassman98   Craig
Class:PCP .177 cal
Weapon:FTP 900
Sight:Falcon10X50 @ 50X
Caliber and Pellet: .177 JSB  8.44 / 4.52
Position:Sitting/Front support
Wind:Shot in Garage 
Score: 200/200  20X  5.5 target scored with .22 MT Plug   


Hoosier Daddy:
Welcome back Craig!!

 You sure picked right back up

2A Georgia:
Thank you for organizing the informal match.  It has put my habits under the microscope and given me a long list of things to work on.  I have now shot 4 "warm up" charts and have nothing I want to enter yet.

So far I by doing learned;
The Gamo break barrel is not powerful enough for HN18's
The Gamo consistently shoots MOS with the GTO Predators if I do my part
I shoot a tighter group at 10M on 5X vs 7X (the image waves around too much at 7x)
I am more comfortable and relaxed prone than on a bench
Apparently I am near sighted enough to make the eye relief on LPVO critical and to induce parallax if not at the exact eye distance.
I'm going to classify the Wildcat Gamo as a "magnum" as there's a lot of movement
When using a bag with a jumper put the balance point just past the trigger guard on the front rest (i read that and it worked)
150 hand pumps on the AEA challenger is only good for one or two mags before the POI changes
If I do everything right and position and hold the rifle in such a way that it moves straight back (and forward) I hit an 8 or better...

I still have two days weather permitting :-)

Hoosier Daddy:
Outstanding Charles!
 You learned quite a bit, glad we could help.

Hoosier Daddy:
Been a while since I submitted but the 3 day weekend helped.

Call name: Hoosier Daddy
PCP Class
Air rifle used Beeman AR-2078-B
Sighting system: Scoped
Pellet and caliber: Meisters .177
Shooting position and/or aid(s): Bench and bags front / rear
Score: 200 - 12X


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