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Steaming Dents out of a Weihrauch stock

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I've done it successfully on a D54. The stock was glossy so I assumed it had some sort of clear coat that likely would not allow steam to contact the dent.
I took a sewing needle and pierced over the dent along its length several times (a few mm apart).
I then soaked a washed cloth in water, loosely wringing it out but not overly so. I laid the cloth over the dent and applied the iron's tip on the cloth, over the dent and the iron on the hottest setting for 30 - 50 seconds. 
Remove, inspect, re-wet, re-apply, rinse and repeat until the dent slowly fills.
Not perfect but much better than it was. I have no regrets from doing it and I am somewhat picky.
Sorry, no before and after pictures...

This is one of those,"leave well enough alone " stories.  Don"t touch it!!! Thank you Lord!!

Bad News Beeman:
I'll heed the advice here and just leave that stock alone. Knowing me, I'd just bungle up the stock even more.


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