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Artemis/Snowpeak M60 and M25 order

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 I have been wondering what an M60 is, I just found this.  8)

When do you think youíll be getting these? I might be interested in a 35 but I have a possible deployment later this year and donít wanna end up being gone when the time comes.

Hi Guys! The shipment is finally in country now and should be in customs by the end of the week. So another week delay unfortunately but at least they are now getting close.
Very sorry for all the delays.
I'll have 30 and 35 caliber coming in the next order. I'm afraid to give time estimates anymore, it seems this is a world of delays these days.

The M60B Rifles finally arrived! They all have the quick connect on the valve now so no need to remove the bottle to fill anymore. Though you still can remove it to swap bottles, just like the FX Impact. The end of the barrel is now threaded 1/2x20 now in this new version.


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