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Izzy 46 carbine...... maybe...

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Somewhere at home I have a pic of a Izh 46 "converted" into a carbine

wire stock bolted to the bottom of the target grips, scope added on tallish mounts and a muzzle device to make the gun even quieter.....

Ive had the idea to do some thing similar.... calipers, fusion360 and a 3d printer would make short work of the stock(and preserve the factory target grips). but at this planning stage my hang up is getting enough clearance under the scope to let the loading gate swing open to load it. which it appears will lift the scope up seemingly pretty high   

Also like to NOT make any permanent mods to the gun (and have considered getting AV46 just for this "conversion") as the Izzys have been part of the Russian embargo for a while now.

I realize a 13xx platform could be built to do the same basic function, and I have "carbinized" a couple of P-17s. the Izzy though has some magic to it, and the single stroke to charge it is way easy to do. Add in the inherent accuracy of the platform and it seems a no-brainer....

SO who has done this?

Frank in Fairfield:
There is guy that shoots with us in Bay Point (Concord, CA) and he converted an IZZY to a carbine.
Wood stock and all.
I think he took a barrel from IZH60 but any barrel would do.
Maybe a LW barrel from Crosman.

Id just take the front sight off and add the device. no barrel swap. Although a Rev2 (with an AV46...) might need the longer barrel :)

after scouring the internet for scope mounting options that weren't skyscraper height, I ran across long eye relief and pistol scopes. Thinking those would let me mount the scope far enough forward to eliminate the loading port clearance issue


You guys might be looking for these images:

The idea of adding a stock with a less constraining pistol grip to my M46 comes to mind every so often.  The grip on the P17 is more comfortable to fit with a butt stock type hold, for example.  I have thought of scanning the P17 and importing the grip shape for future use.  I don't have a scanner, or it would have happened already.  Or, one could fashion a more conventional rifle style pistol grip.

As for barrel changes, I think the stock barrel should remain because that is where the already known accuracy comes form.  The idea that you would boost velocity is somewhat misguided.  There simply is not a lot more air to expand in that single stroke system, for a longer barrel to extract. 

For more power, first set the compression to the max via the factory adjustment screw: 

Then fill in the piston face groove with soft rubber to boost compression further, yet allow the lip seal to function.  One user placed a rubber band in the piston face groove with apparently good effect.  I am concerned that it would drop out, but this user added a little glue:

I have done the compression adjustment, but not filled in the lost volume in the  piston face.  Either way, the boost in performance comes at the expense of more charging force.  Not hard, compared to the P17 for example, but one wonders if overdoing this might fatigue or wear the cocking linkage or pivots prematurely.  There is a small change in report too, but mild x 1.25 is still mild. 

Sure, a longer barrel would make the M46 quitter, but it may cause POI drift sensitivity, as thin barrels are fragile, and long barrel stress their mounting system.  Rather add a simple shroud made from a very light weight tube.  It seems that the above images show such a shroud.  Perhaps the full barrel extension is a shroud/LDC over the stock barrel.

As for adding a stock, what would be comfortable and work with your choice of sights would be a rather personal matter.  The images above sure look good.

Frank in Fairfield:
The guy here in the Bay Area (SFO) says his 46m rifle, while accurate, won’t even make a hole in the target 10 meters away.


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