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source for butt pad for new stock


I really like my P35s but I do not love their plastic stocks that are too short in length of pull for me.  I've started a replacement of wood but I looked around some for a butt pad and couldn't find any less than $20-30.  I guess I could reuse the one that is on the plastic stock but it isn't great looking or functionally.  Anybody got any sources for a decent simple butt pad?  I've looked at Brownells, Midway, and ebay and also Googled for one and I came up empty.  I even tried looking at Aliexpress but searching them is not very dependable.

First stock is kind of a practice stock.  The 33 mm airtube makes the stock kind of thick at 1 9/16.  I have some 8/4 cherry but decided to just split a 2x6 scrap I had laying around for awhile and put a 3/4 inch thick piece of fir in the center.  I bandsawed the 2x6 in two yesterday, jointed the cut face flat, and glued up the three pieces.  Today I planned the block to final thickness ( 1 5/8), cut it to width and length, sketched the shape on the blank, and make the first inletting cut (a mortise for the trigger guard).  It looks like I need a 3/4 inch wide slot for the action and trigger parts and almost a semi circular dado for the air tube.  I want to get a couple screws the right size for the action and make some pointed ones to mark the blank for the position of the action screws and drill these holes before I cut the other two dados.  I won't cut the stock to shape until the inletting is done - much easier to inlet a rectangular block.

If I cannot find any cheap butt pads I like I may just use a contrasting piece of wood.  It's not like there is recoil to be worried about.

Once in a while a good Pachmayr gets auctioned on eBay. Hope that helps. "Save the search" and accept email alerts

Depending on the dimensions of the butt you may get some help from Mike Melick at Flying Dragon.  I was hoping to score one for a Diana 34 but the Diana butt is larger than his clones.  Perhaps you'll be luckier..

Hit up your local gunsmith, I am sure he would have one that would fit,
also the bay will have them also.......... ;)


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