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Chronograph for $24.91

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Mine was taken right off the barrel of a Texan LSS .50 caliber :( Crashed to the ground and split into multiple pieces. Itíll still work if I can solder the battery contacts back on.

 I did use my clamp on to test some slug velocities with my Wing Shot, I did use some rubber to add traction, and made sure the slug would clear the LEDs. worked just fine, and still does. Never had the bright idea of trying a shot shell, but from my close range test they do stay in the shell most of the time out to 5 yards ???

I'm happy with my Pro Chrono Digital w/bluetooth. It connects great with the Tablet 10.2 and the Digital Link software has good features. She calls out speeds so I don't even have to look during my shooting string. It's great to log and store data in files for each gun.
I have considered one of those FX barrel mount deals but I can't justify the cost. I do most of my shooting from the Red Shed at home and I'm all set for that with the PCD.

I wouldn't want anything connected to the barrel. Most of the rifles I work on are break barrels and attaching the chrono to the barrel is a recipe for disaster.
Also after I tune an airgun I'll chronograph the entire quality and accuracy check. Often taking 500 shots or more. I need a good tripod mounted chronograph. The chronograph is the single most important piece of diagnostic equipment. It's worth buying the best you can afford if you work on your airguns.

I may get into handloading powder burners. For that I'll get a Lab Radar.

I ordered one today.
I have had the barrel mounted one for a long time and it works good.
Being mounted to the barrel it changes the point of impact of the pellet.
I think I can shoot groups with this one while getting the pellet velocity.
They have raised the price to $29.84.


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