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Apologies to Sheridan Aficionados - forgive me

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I do like my sheridans and regularly show them the affection they rightly deserve. But I m a weak man. And when an opportunity came along, without thinking, I just reacted and gave in to my impulse. I donít think itís a case of sacrilege as there are other airguns that get my time and attention, multi-pumps, PCPs, even a couple CO2ís.

In between the 2 pics it needs some work. Hope I m not too much trouble?

Problem number 1 resolved. I received the air rifle with a carriage bolt in place of the missing original stock retention bolt. Luckily the previous owner didnít try too hard to make it work and the stock lug threads were not buggered up. It took a bit of searching but in an assortment of misc ATV motorcycle/scooter parts I found a temporary solution and was able to secure the stock and take a photo of my ďBSĒ clone.

Initial tests verified what I was told, and air is leaking out the barrel when pumped.

Try the alcohol flush, if it does not work, you are still ahead of the game with pre rinsing the parts clean.

I still think the SKB is the gun Sheridan should have made.  Far better then the typical model C could ever be

Nice gun.  Congrats!

Hoping it isn't too hard for you to put into shooting condition.  Looking forward to seeing how well it performs.



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