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To feed the beasts.


Something that is always undervalued and neglected in the shop.
The saw, its the necessary evil, but you don't care of it until it's either broken or too small, then it starts to show itself.
Nothing gets done in a machine shop without a saw.

So to the point, my bandsaw is too small for a job, and I need a bigger saw.
Came across this little thing and just had to buy it.

It's big enoug to cut anything my machines can handle.


That's a very nice piece of equipment you got there, congrats! Really love the worm drive, looks pretty robust. I have a cheapo one that's direct-drive, but even then it's better than the band saw I had.

What size blade is that, 355 mm?

Edit: Just found some specs, this looks like a 275 mm blade, isn't it?

300mm blade, there is some room for a little bigger blade but I dont know if the 355mm will fit.
But it has plenty of power to cut and I dont mind turning the piece over for a second cut if the first dont go through.
It was very dirty so it was dirt cheap  :D



Thatís a nice machine. If I ever get a chance at one, Iíll get it. Until then, my bandsaw will have to doÖ.



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