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Taught 200 Junior Questions


I recently bought a pre-owned Tau 200 Junior as a project rifle. It needs some maintenance like seals replacement and some sight work which lead me to my questions:

1. Does anyone have a source for a set of seals as well as a legible schematic. A friend was kind enough to send me an owners guide but the copies of copies kind of wiped out the details of the exploded schematic and, as I am a mechanical idiot, I need lots of visual assistance.

2. The rifle came with a front globe sight but there was no rear diopter installed. I knew this when I bought it and thought I could just mount a spare Crosman diopter. However, Iím told that sights are not always interchangeable.  I realize
I could do this by trial and error but donít want to scratch up the barrel. I have an older new Gamo diopter sight set.  Does anyone know if this would fit?   Iíve also looked at the new Crosman diopter set but would like make sure it would fit before wasting $$. 

Any help and guidance would be most appreciated - Dave B

D&L Air guns has parts abd seals for them and front and rear diopter sight maybe from 3D printing.

Tried buying from Tau directly? Thats what I do. No other source available here. As far as I can remember, the Tau rail size isnt standard 11mm. I thŪnk it was 9 but dont hold me up on that. Just measure them to be sure. Or ask Tau by email.


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