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P-17 Cock Assist Mod

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 Finally got around tuit Added the cocking assist to my P-17 Pistol, found an old Air Force fore grip worked for the handle, with just a notch cut out for the cocking hammer release thingy.

 I left screws long for the photo to show what ones need cut to clear the transfer port area.

Frank in Fairfield:
I like it the way it is.

 With just the plates it does help with cocking, but does cut into ones hand just enough for discomfort, I was originally thinking a short block of wood between the straps, or a piece of heaver plastic pipe perhaps.

 PS I also had the thought there may be many of those foregrips out there as many owners take that off and get an after market stock.

If that was little bit longer you got a shoulder stock to steady up your shot😁


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