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fl(air) gun - big bore air pistol conversion

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W-O-O-F!!!....   8)
72 FPE from that little package-awesome work!...  :D

Rob M:

--- Quote from: jackssmirkingrevenge on January 18, 2023, 09:24:30 PM ---I tried to explain it in the video:

This is the crucial part:

The piston is slightly unbalanced and naturally wants to retract, but it's the locking balls (yellow) keeping it in place.

When the flare gun firing pin hits the purple pin, the locking balls are no longer supported and there is nothing preventing the piston from moving, so it can retract and dump the chamber.

--- End quote ---

THANK YOU here i was not seeing the diameter change near the balls.  I fully understand now. The ball mechanism reminds me of a pull stud retainer  of a cnc machinign center.Brilliant

Are you going to try different types of Ammo? I assume there is no easy way to make it.


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