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We're giving away an Umarex USA Air Javelin!

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This is so awesome!!

--- Quote from: GTA-Airgunner on February 18, 2023, 11:32:09 AM ---Hello all. The winner was selected and we are waiting to verify their eligibility.  Once we have a confirmed winner we will let folks know. Please note that I will be out of town all next week.  It may be the week after until we make the announcement.


--- End quote ---

 The winner was announced last night, and a new cool item has been announced for the next giveaway.

Hey there all.  As with life, things donít always go smoothly.  We drew a winner over two weeks ago and they failed to connect with us after several attempts to contact them. We drew a new winner on Monday, Brian Shaw, who immediately provided proof of eligibility and we will be shipping out the Air Javelin Pro to him this week.  Congratulations Brian.

As it happens the original party today replied saying they were pleased to provide the data needed to claim the prized.  Unfortunately, that is not possible at this time as a new winner was drawn.  We tried over the course or a week, with a initial contact but no subsequent contact, to confirm the original winner.  After a 3rd and final email clearly stating again that we would draw a new winner if we did not hear from them by end of day, I waited nearly another week before doing so. The original winner had nearly two weeks to respond and didnít until now.

This all has me very upset.  The new winner was chosen and has been announced. I canít go back and undo that.  If you receive an email from us stating youíve won, please respond in a timely manner.  We will also look up your email on the GTA and send you a PM. (We did this with the original winner as well. Myself and out admin respond to them with no reply) Please get with us ASAP so that you donít miss out  We will have regular giveaways going forward and we donít want this situation happening again.

Thank you all for your understanding and support.



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