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Career 707 II with peep or diopter sights


Anyone shooting theirs with open sights without the sight that came with their target mode? I tried two ( FWB and Brazilian made one) that I have but ran out of elevation. I had an older HW sight that dropped down but haven't seen it since my move.

I tried when i first got mine but, i think my eyes are too old for open sights anymore ??? on anything... Sorry i couldn't help... I put Leapers on em

Ya, I went with a scope.

Accuracy had been great but started to getting some movement in the cocking handle on firing. I think the probe oring might have blown or maybe the TB gasket? My understanding was that the uncoated ones were some of the early ones to be imported. So probably time to strip it down. 

Late to the thread- sorry about that.   Not using a 707, but similar- a ShinSung 9mm lever-action.  I'm using the stock irons out to about 80 yards (the most range I can do with accuracy) and I definitely have some hold-over.  I've fiddled with mine enough to get a feel for the arc but I definitely "ran out of adjustment" at 90 and 100+ yards.  I tried my Williams peep with adapter very briefly but it took away from the superb pointability and instant target acquisition open sights the rifle offers.  If I ever put a scope on it, it will be either my prism sight or I'll get a compact reflex sight.  I know there may be many who disagree, but the irons are flawless for pesting.


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