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Charlie Tuna After-Market Triggers

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What trigger will work for the Crosman Vantage Nitro Piston Air Rifle?  I emailed Charlie Tuna and his wife Cathy responded "I apologize that I am unable to provide assistance at this time. Not to provide an excuse for not being knowledgeable, but my husband Gene was the expert on air guns and trigger compatibility. Sadly, he passed away 7 years ago, but I continue to produce triggers. I am unsure which trigger will fit".  She suggested I pose the question to this site.

Hoosier Daddy:
Does this help?

RC Roller bearing mod.............sweet 1 stage trigger......


--- Quote from: Ronno6 on January 06, 2023, 02:52:56 PM ---RC Roller bearing mod.............sweet 1 stage trigger......

--- End quote ---

Thanks for all of the help.


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