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Baikal IZH 46M Heads Up!

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A fellow air gunner found this source for the "original" 46M in Canada.

I have been in contact with Raman, the Director of CSS, who told me they have 15 left in inventory and will NOT be available again when gone. Also, they come in a cardboard box with the same spare parts as usual, manual, spare sight inserts, tools, cleaning rod and brush. These were inventoried in 2021 so mfg date should be 2020 or 2021. The example in the website pics is 2020 which is the latest I have ever seen. I'm not sure if that means CSS will no longer carry them or they are discontinued by Baikal and no longer available anywhere other than the used market.
Note the prices are in Canadian dollars. Current conversion rate is .7367 but can fluctuate. Also they are having a 12% off for their Christmas Sale. Don't know how long that will last. My order was $543.08 shipped to my door, should be here next Tuesday.

I have no affiliation with CSS.

I shoot my IZH46M a lot and I like it a lot.   I'd be pretty irritated if something went wrong with it and I couldn't fix it.   I wouldn't mind having a backup.   

Frank in Fairfield:
We have been ordering from Canada for several years.
Mine is very old.
About 33,000 pellets so far.

I just placed an order for one.   Hope to see it soon.  Mine came out to US 619, so guess I missed the sale.

Mine was delivered a few days ago. Built in late Nov., 2020. Very much the same as the last one I bought from Krale in 2018. Installed a red dot using the Sun Optics mount and ready to go.


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