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I have a pro sport .22 and it is a beautiful rifle and shoots very good. So now I have gone and ordered a TX 200 in 177 cal. I just have to have one, could not find a walnut stocked one so had to have a beech stocked one.
I would like to ask is there anything to look out for before I start slinging lead down my range, or just the normal clean.
For those who have one what is the most used pellet and weight. Thanks  Steve!

I have only had mine for a few months and am still trying various pellets and so far everyone I have tried seems fine.  Saying that I do not try for cutting edge accuracy, the smallest possible groups, that to me is more work than fun.  Fun is a tin can at range or a spinner target.    I did get a walnut stock and lucked out and got one with a lot of flame grain in the buttstock, my .22cal Prosport in walnut also, has more straight flowing grain.

I have a TX200 in .177.  For me the most accurate pellets have been in the range of 8.4 grains but mine is tuned (by me) to 12 fpe.  If your gun arrives at full FAC power the biggest weak spot in my experience is the cocking shoe.  The original seems to be sintered metal and prone to failure.  If through the years Air Arms has gone to a machined one there should be no problem.  If you remove the stock to disassemble the rifle use extreme care around the front stock mount.  It is very thin in places and made of a very soft aluminum.  It is prone to break with the slightest pressure.  You can get a better one from Air Rifle Headquarters.  Other than those issues I love mine though I did recently purchase a Diana 54.  This may be the pinnacle of spring piston rifles.


Thank you good to know. Steve!

Just clean the barrel and get to it.  Mine likes the AA 10.3 they will shoot one ragged hole and the next best is AA 8.4 still one ragged hole but slightly bigger, both in the .52 head size.  I have a thread with fps also. Good luck! 


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