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Hill dry pac questions


Been reading all I can about Hill dry pac and rejuvenation of the dessicant. I have a very basic question.
Ok, when using the pump, air passing over the desicant is actually in contact with the silica for a very short amount of time, let us say a second or two at the most and more likely less than a second. In that time it absorbs moisture out of the air. That is the operating concept.

Where I get into trouble understanding rejuvenation is that for instance, lets say you dry it in an oven and weigh it till the weight stops going down, and excellent indication of it's loss of moisture. Then you take it out and cool it down and either store it or use is. Now I understand while it's hot it wont absorb any/much moisture. But any time you transfer it cooled, it will be in contact with air much, MUCH longer than when it is actually being used in the pump. How does it not absorb maximum moisture right there? If it doesn't, then the quick contact it makes with air in the pump is negligible in terms of absorbtion??? It simply can't work both ways. not absorbing moisture during handling, but quickly absorbing it during use.

Any thoughts?

 Actually that absorbent works fairly slow, some have color changing beads to help determine when they are saturated. Many hand pumpers have made larger desiccant reservoirs to help dry the air better than the package deal pumps.
 So I would not worry about cooling and transfer times.
 Moisture is removed better from air when under high pressure, that is where bleeding the high pressure side of the pump removes more moisture than a pre filter.
 A small cotton filter on the hp hose will remove more moisture than the pre filter.

I used to work with the stuff for our instrumentation.  It came in an air tight can like a paint can.  After rejuvenation it was again placed in an air tight environment until needed thus eliminating contact with air.


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