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Laminated 2240/Disco Shoulder Stock

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--- Quote from: Rick67 on January 02, 2023, 05:45:45 PM ---Looks really nice, albeit it could use more cheek weld.

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Thank you! I admit the ergonomics aren't optimal due to a thickness of only 1 1/4" with 5 plies of 1/4" cherry. Feels quite nice with iron sights, with a scope, however, the comb is sharp on the jaw, not the best.

Hi, you could use the Crosman 2250B hardware to attach the forestock to the tube, these parts are not very expensive. See the red circled part numbers in the picture:

To get around the short/thin comb you could add a leather pad or maybe make a cut out for an adjustable comb.


--- Quote from: Shrubbery on December 21, 2022, 09:58:47 AM ---
--- Quote from: Back_Roads on December 21, 2022, 09:24:45 AM --- Looks great ! A wood fore stock would be the cherry on the sundae ;)

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Thanks, I plan to work on a forestock as well with the leftover cherry, still considering ways of attaching said forestock though as I do not have the barrel bands that allow for a forestock, I may have to just epoxy straight onto the tube, but I don't like permanent attachments.

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With that flat plat trigger attachment HAPPYMECANIC was alluding to, a barrel band is not normally needed for as long as the tube channel is not a wonky fit.

I have Steve Corcoran 11” long laminate forearms that do not really need barrel band attachments if I so wish.

As is, they’re solid with just the trigger plate anchor.

If it’s very long though I’d just secure the front  end with a sticky double-tape or something.


--- Quote from: Spacebus on January 03, 2023, 01:57:54 PM ---To get around the short/thin comb you could add a leather pad or maybe make a cut out for an adjustable comb.

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Or a GodAGrip sorbothane one-side cheek pad, the thin one, ‘cuz the fatter one somewhat displaces your cheek weld from the center line.

Dunno if it will work though ‘cuz that comb is so curved.


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