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I have a AV 46m with the red black laminated grips which I just do not like to look at. Will the ones for a IZH 46m fit, I contacted Steve Cochran and he was not sure, and suggested that I ask here.

The IZM45 had two grip retention screw configurations.  So the question may be yes and no, depending on vintage.  The IZH version below is like my Baikal, purchased from Krale perhaps 4 years ago.

An older version of the IZH pistol had three pins at the horizontal portion of the cocking arm, below the compression tube.  Newer models don't have that.  I think that the grips for the IZH pistol that has a solid cocking arm are the same as the AV versions.  A few reference dimensions may be required confirm that, but start by counting screw holes:

I have some pics of my Baikal marked 46M grips, already on the forum.  Yes, I filed on them to better fit my hand:

Bottom line; look at the number and position of grips screws per side.  Then compare to you AV 46M's screws.

I got a new IZH 46m a month or so ago from Canada Shooting suppy. A first there were a couple of sharp edges on the grips, just under the trigger guard which I quickly took care of.   I got a set of Rink grips for the AV version and noticed how much better they fit my hand so after studying them for a while, took the beech grips off my IZY and went to work this morning. Started with a coarse rounded surface rasp, progress to fine rasp, then coars emory cloth, then varying grades of sandpaper down to 600 grit.  I created a couple of finger grooves on the front left side of my right handed grips and blended them into the grip body front strap area and left side.  One for my large finger the other for the two smaller fingers.  Makes the grips feel like proper grips and not a block of lumber with that rounded square edge running straight down the left front side of the grips.  I basically rasped and filed, checking often and fitting them to my hand. 

Frank in Fairfield:
We were shooting 10M last night un Bay Point.
Duck fish had his new AV46 and I my IZH46M.
The grips are interchangeable.


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