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FX Display for the FX Chrony


Well for the cost? Your probably gonna be disappointed as soon as you open the box.
It comes with absolutly NO INSTRUCTIONS so your left to waste battery power doing click click as you learn!
And if you happen to have a DreamLine? Gonna need an adapter since it only has a Picatinny mount.
Is it pretty? Yep and comes with several buttons that you have NO IDEA what they do until you waste hours just click click clicking!
All the while using battery power!

It will do all the cool stuff they say it does.
Like giving you FPE IF your lucky enough to figure out how to enter that information.
Oh and it does come with the USB cable that is pretty much worthless without knowing what the heck it's for.

Over all? I'd say watch for the Open Source project that will end up doing better at a WAY cheaper cost!

After some searching? I did find some tiny print that says the USB is for the rechargeable batteries.
Now that's pretty cool seeing as the FX Chrony itself does NOT have that and is a known battery eater!

Also figured out from pictures in my searching that the picatinny mount can be removed.
A simple slip of paper in the box telling me that would have been nice.  ::)
Not sure I like the option left of useing set screws to hold it to my breech though.
So will probably design and print something to solve that concern.

With the rechargeable batteries? I'm more inclined to start click click clickety clicking stuff.

Curious... where did you buy it from?
Would AGD or PA help even if you didn't buy from them?
I've heard of crappy "Chinglish" instructions but this would toast my tail feathers too.


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