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No more JSAR RAIL ... lets get a GRIP on It !!


As many know and complained about, the JSAR comes with a lower PIC rail that also stores magazines.  Don't like the storage idea being there and having no where to comfortably grip the rifle ( NO FORE ARM / GRIP ) the lower rail IMO is just shy of worthless.

So taking a block of hardwood, some milling out to fit w/ finger channels on sides, bit of belt sanding, sealing and paint ... We GET a Fore stock of sorts.
Looks worse than it feels, offhand now vastly improved, can be rested now on any surface gaining a lot of stability over resting on the Pic rail.

Clamp on bottle PIC adapter and life is good  ;D

That looks good to me.
Gives me a few Ideas for the Dreamline Lite also.

Thanks for sharing!
I wondered if the lower rail would be uncomfortable, but you have the fix already.



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