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Picked up a Webley Vulcan .177 Mk2 or MK3

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Hey everyone. Picked up this Webley Vulcan off craigslist for 110 dollars in .177. Couldn't be more pleased. My first non-german springer. Been very impressed with the overall build quality and smoothness of this rifle. The unique breech is really quite handy too for loading. It seems to like just about every pellet I've offered it so far. I've been trying to research it on the UK forums as they've more info about these things. It seems to be possibly an early MK3 due to it having the MK2 stock but the MK3 curved trigger? Serial number is 852249.

I've chrono'd it on 7.9 RWS pellets. It seems to be shooting a little low and it was covered in quite alot of old gunk that looked like cosmoline when I got it so I'll be opening it up to check things out and put in an ARH kit, new seal, and fresh breech seal that I've already ordered.

Chrono readings on 7.9 pellets were:
711, 708, 705, 685, 698

I believe this is around 100-150 FPS below where it should be?

Heres some pics. Very excited to play around with this thing some more, it's quite a change of pace compared to my german springers and for once in my life, I got to use my pozi drive screwdrivers.

Nice little gun you picked up. I'm thinking MkIII? The curved trigger is a nice plus, a faux 2 stage trigger if memory serves me well.
I picked up one 2-3 years ago. I havn't been in the gun and havn't shot it much but here was my chrony test results when I did shoot it:

2 Feb 2021 1st Chrony Test:
7.9 CPL 12 shot string:
793 Avg, 802 High, 787 Low ES 15, SD 5, 11 FPE
801 (shot 1)
799 (shot 12)

Super Dome Good
CP Wadcutters Not Good

Thanks for the numbers, definitely puts mine a bit low. It was also covered in something that looked somewhat like cosmoline. A deep orange/red gunk that was all over the exterior, in the cocking slot etc. I was using cotton buds (q-tips) to clear out the cocking slot of what I could. So I imagine thats inside of the receiver tube as well. I'm going to wait till parts show up before I open it up. Very nice to see the ease of acquiring replacement seals too.

Are your internals OEM, or has anything been changed?

The trigger is nice, significantly nicer than the 1 stage adjustable trigger on the Walther Terrus which is the worst trigger I own by far.

I've actually enjoyed it already so much that I've been shopping for a 2nd one but they don't seem to come up a ton and the ones that do (and sit around) seem to be people asking ridiculously high prices for them.

Mine needed cleanup and lubing but nothing I saw (old cosmoline, etc) indicated a teardown was in order.
I did a little work on the trigger awhile back (I posted on it) and it did improve it somewhat but that is as far as I went with the gun. It was an opportunity buy, I wasn't looking for it at the time.

Thanks, I'll check out your post history for the trigger write up.

They're really unique little guns. I like the eccentricities of them, and the small form factor has been a nice change. I don't own an HW30 but I imagine it's similar to why everyone loves those little guns. Have you had any issues with the breech wobble that seems to be one of the lamented issues of these guns? People seem to either shim it, or clamp it in a vise to bend it back. At this time, I seem to be free of that issue but certainly want to do what I can to prevent that long term.

I saw another one in your neck of the woods for sale but dates back to 2020. Can't tell if it ever actually sold or not. Very clean example.


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