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Gonna build an enclosure

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My printer is in the basement. Now I have the humidity down to less then 50% but a different issue popped up.
I'm pretty sure a bit of spider web or something got on my filament and caused problems.
So along with another vaccuming of the area? I'm gonna build an enclosure over the whole area!
That area is large enough for 3 printers.
Filament will eventually be fed from dry boxes on a shelf next to the enclosure.

I just bought an Elegoo Mars 3 resin printer and also making an enclosre for it. I have tried a few times to enclose my Ender printers.
 There is an Ikea table that stradles the printer nicely. The Ikea Lack is the name. There are a ton of threads about it on the printing forums. Maybe I will revisit that.  Post pics as you make your enclosure ? I need all the motivation I can get on these things.

That's why I have a wipe on mine.

I found out the hard way. Being new to 3D printing that's usually how it happens right?

So I figured out it's gotta be a spider web dropped on the filament, got fed in and burned into the nozzle.
What I plan to do is use some metal framing from an old canopy I have here.
Then probably use 1/4" panels screwed into that as a start. Mostly cover the overhead and vaccum more often for spiders.


--- Quote from: Insanity on September 24, 2022, 06:52:01 PM ---That's why I have a wipe on mine.

--- End quote ---
And you failed to warn me???
Let's see that wipe you Slacker!


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