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Benjamin Pump Diagram



Will add this video showing disassembly and reassembly proess.

Thanks Jeff... a great contribution.  ;) ;)

Thanks Bob.  I had thought about putting it in the "Library" but I don't know how to do that so I put it here,, guess it's as good a place as any  :)


Adding something new to an old sticky. :)
Thanks to Geoffrey_K for taking the time to create a downloadable and printable instruction set for disassembly and repair of this hand pump.
Please check the GTA Library for the Benjamin Pump rebuild instructions.
THANKS Geoffrey!!!

Update courtesy of nervoustrigger:

--- Quote from: nervoustrigger on July 12, 2018, 07:59:28 PM ---O-ring #5 in the diagram must be a -211, not a -210.  This O-ring serves double is in a wide groove and must slide up and down to work properly.  A -210 is too tight to function reliably but a -211 is just big enough to allow it to slide to each side of the groove on the up and down strokes.

At some point along the way, Sun Optics posted some updated instructions on their site and it has this O-ring identified properly.

--- End quote ---

Thank you for watching out for GTA members Jason!


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