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Foster QD Fill adapter (not really a probe) for very old AR6 Hunting Master .22

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I have spent hours and hours trying to find a way to convert the fill adapter to 8mm Foster QD.
This AR6 has a screw in fill adapter with a tiny o-ring on its tip... some unknown to me threading etc.

The connection to air line is like a flare thread. My very old Career II 707 has the same kind of Flare male thread.
I mention this in case there is a flare to male Foster QD adapter available somewhere????

I have a SCUBA tank with whip that the flare screws into, but I want to convert to Foster 8mm so I can use smaller CF SCBA bottles I have.
At least the 707 is a probe .. so I measured it and bought a Foster to 9mm one that works.
This AR6 takes the male threaded going into the end of the air cylinder. The fill adapter even swivels so you can screw it in.

My goal if to be able to fill the AR6 using Foster QD - like I have on my other tanks and use on my other air guns.

Anyone know what I need.. where to buy it?


don't think I can help you there, Dean. I have two Hunting Masters (which are basically the AR6's grandparents), and to fill them I just use an old Sumatra fill probe.

IO never really though about converting it to a QD.

I thought I had the oldest hunting master made.. he he..
So, yours has female screw in threads on the cylinder end cap?
Mine does - it is not a hole for a probe.
Are you saying there is an old Sumatra that has these same threads? And, a fill adapter with something besides the flare I have?
I am checking with Evanix and some other peeps.
The flare should be an old standard.. at least for Korean airguns. It is on my old Career II 707 also

Hmm...perhaps they are great grand cousins, twice removed.

My Hunting Masters has a fill hole below the gauge; that one uses a probe from the older style Sumatras.

Perhaps mine is the grandson of yours. That type of architecture does not seem to be familiar.  :o

A gauge?  :o No such luck. There is a tiny linear gauge on the underside of the Career.. none on the AR6 anywhere.
I have not heard back from Evanix. I am thinking that maybe the cylinder threads / size has not changed and I can get a new end cap that takes a probe.


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