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Kratos won't take a charge....


Henry Bowman:
I have been having a hard time getting my Benjamin Kratos .25 jammed with air ever since I got it.
I am using a scuba bottle jammed to 3600 psi and I have to crack and purge between 5 to 10 times to get it to take in any air.
Doesn't seem to matter if the gun is at 2800 or 1400 psi.
I have tried a drop of silicone in the inlet fitting with no luck.
I have other PCPs that have no trouble taking a fill off the same rig...
 Any suggestions short of sending it in? Overseas shipping not worthy.

Hoosier Daddy:
Henry... have you tried other fill methods?

Henry Bowman:
I have a Hill type pump,  ut I doubt my back would let me fill that huge tank on the gun.

I've run into this with a few Kratos' over the past two years...

However -- this is a warning! I've had folks empty the air out of these guns and not be able to fill them. Irregardless of using a compressor, hand pump, or a tank! You'll need to send it back to Crosman or take the gun apart.

The only fix is to replace the fill valve as the check valve is sticking.

Henry Bowman:
I was afraid of that.
I will call them  and see if I can get some kind of idea on shipping it to them.


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