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Has anyone come up with a way to quiet down the report?


Henry Bowman:
Yes, I am sure it will not be super effective because you need the fletchings to be able to pass through, but I was imagining an extended tube to change the report?
I have an Air Saber with an ATN 640 Thermal on it and it is not hunting anymore, it's shopping!
But would like to be able to get more then one hog a night....but after that first shot, they are in the next zip code!

I suppose it would depend on whether the arrow is being launched from an inner-barrel tube like on an air javelin or a saber, or if itís being pushed from the rear like in an airventuri. As I understand it, the fletchings are cosmetic when thereís no archers paradox. The arrow is flying tip-first rather than being propelled from behind like when itís launched from a string. They could likely design a baffle system but it would mean more friction against the arrow even without fletchings, and limit 5e arrowheads to either Bodkins or Field points as the reason arrowheads are always protruding from the barrels is to accommodate brroadheads..
Try shooting with the barrel in a long box? At least youíll limit the sound to your left and right.
Best of luck on hushing up 🤫

Henry Bowman:
 The fletchings not being needed is actually something I had not considered!
 Easy enough to test when I get to shoot next time. I will just pull the fletchings off an older arrow and see if it still flies true.
There is much in the way technically but its a start.
Arrows need to be seated all the way
Shroud could have threaded portion that goes on after arrow loaded...yikes what could go wrong...many details to worknout for sure.


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