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Chop Chop .... Using a Diana 75 10M stock for another Rifle project ... COOL !!!

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Darn I miss these type projects !!
Outside the box, free thinking and mod as you go becomes so satisfying when it comes together  8)

Was fortunate to acquire a month or so ago a very clean DIANA 75 standard "Stock Only"
Owning a D75 for near 40 years always loved the ergonomic way it handled. Comes to aim naturally, shoulder rest leans in, sights come to center of shooters view because of all the shape profiles .. just lovely  ;)

Years ago dang near sacrificed my D75 for the stock & glad I did not ... Such is impulse tinkering !!

So today I sat back and went threw the inventory of rifles to see and measure WHAT RIFLE had a stock that was less than ideal & may fit the @ room to work with within this D75 stock ?

LOL ... A Marauder G1 could work, tho already have them in great stocks so that's out  :P   And then looked at a rifle Very Few have currently, The JTS "Aircuda" Standard !!
1.250" air tube, Trigger in right position, round air tube all the way to trigger group made it a winner & the test Mule for this project.  The OEM stock was less than ideal IMO.

So the pics while not showing specific set ups the stock was centered and screwed down to a board that in turn could be placed in a MILL vice and leveled up. ( Stock has tapers and odd profiles, tho belly was flat due to having a rail )  Once we had things level & side to side parallel we started milling the fore stock area first.  That done to the OEM profile of the main stock the D75 action rested on we placed the AIRCUDA stock into place measuring where things needed to shift ???

Trigger while front to back was about right, action was sitting @ .300" too high to get trigger positioned correctly within the stocks profile  :P   So we took in-letting down .300" using a 1.250" core box cutter in the milling machine.
That done the Aircuda action sat ideally in the correct position for hand grip and trigger blade contact.
While stock was still on board we cut the gauge hole and stock anchor hole.

From there the OEM trigger guard was cut apart, profiled and made to surround the Aircuda trigger guard looking dang near seamless its not something factory.  Hole was made in the OEM guard so pressure could be viewed.
An M-rod Gauge extension was used to get the gauge closer to the bottom of stock. Inside area around gauge painted White to make viewing easier.

That does look pretty danged awesome....  ;D
Nice work!

Very nice. I love target stocks similar to older Olympic style.

 RETRO!!!! I dig it!!

Finally sorted out optics and mount. With a shorter length of pull typical in 10M and most optics at 3-4" of eye relief scope had to go forward more than a conventional ring set could provide ... Thus on a cantilevered one piece mount.


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