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aea challenger standard in .22 review please

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It would be great if you could do a review on the .22 AEA challenger  standard long stock air gun.

Really like your videos.


Happy reading.

 Seems no AEA dealer wants to send Rick an AEA gun to do a review on, with out him paying full price  ::)
But yes GTA you get the nits picked out of a gun, when we dig into them. 
 Old Pro may not be able to report on the AEA guns he has with his new position at XISCIO ???

That's a shame. I've been following this thread but would really like to see a good video review from some one with the .22. It seems most all challenger reviews are on the big bores.

 Liking my .30 with 24" barrel Out of the box shooting 95 FPE, they sent a heavier HS with mine have not felt the need for more ATM.
 Wayne tells it like it is, with his reviews on the GTA, IMO GTA members have more time and field experience with some of these guns than reviewers who go on to the next thing faster than we can swap a mag and keep shooting the same gun.


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