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FX Wildcat Mark III VT-BP vs Kakiburn Cricket tactical 2 vs AGT Uragan


Hi I posted this same question also in another forum. I have the following dilemma I want to buy one of these three PCP rifles in the next few weeks.  An FX wildcat MKIII VP-BT to replace the oem metal bottle with a carbon fiber one, an AGT Uragan standard or the new Uragan 2 semi-automatic with the 600mm barrel or the Kaliburn Cricket 2 tactical 60 all in .22 caliber.  I am leaning more towards the Uragan or the cricket do to the fact that both meet the characteristics and requirements that I am looking for in a PCP rifle and these last two also comes in wood and the synthetic rifles are not to my cup of tea.  But since in my particular case I do not live in the US, if I had problems with any of them during their warranty period, I would have to pay $150.00 for postage charges to send them to the US for service.

However on the other hand, since here locally we have an exclusive distributor of FX rifles in my country, I would not have to incur in this additional expenses since the gunsmith who repairs them locally, under warranty and without warranty is a good friend of mine.  Apart from that he also modifies them and even offered to help me tune it completely for free if I decided to buy the FX.  I also already know that the Wildcat is actually a Maverick with another stock.  As everyone knows, all these rifles are very precise in their shots since all three use the best all around barrels that are currently on the market, the CZ and the Lothar Walther.  But as due to physical limitations I can only use them in my backyard so because this I am leaning more towards the Kakiburn Cricket as I understand it’s the quietest of the three when used with a moderator like a DonnyFL or a Zero DB.

However the only one that allows me to use it with my caldwell singer shooting bench is the Uragan, while both the Wildcat and the cricket would have to be used with a bipod and a sandbag on the back, although I already have both options. My goal is to be able to have one of the best low budget PCP rifle of the market which I believe I aleady have with my AVA wood stock.22 cal that is a tack driver with the help of some aftermarket goodie’s and at the same time one of the best high-end ones.  Also I am not interested in shooting with slugs with any of them. They will be tuned to only shot between 850 and 900 fps and used them exclusively with the JSB 18 grains pellets since the distances I will be using them daily would be between 25, 35, 50, 75 and maybe but not very often at 100 yards at most.  Also I want to buy a .22 cal because I can share with any of them all the stack of different JSB pellets that I already have and use with my Avenger PCP rifle. I already have a compressor and the other main reason why I am looking to buy any of the three wonderful rifles its to be able to shot between 150 and 200 pellets per fill with any if them. Thank you all in advance for giving me your very honest and unbiased opinion about which one its the more reliable, accurate and precise of them.


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