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Barra 400e Full Review (LONG with pics and data) by Turbinator!

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--- Quote from: buellm2 on September 08, 2022, 01:35:29 PM ---Amazing that a tiny little motor and battery can drive a piston at high speed to propel a BB at similar speeds to lever action BB guns.   Is the 400E more powerful than a similar airsoft gun?   I've never fired an airsoft gun.

--- End quote ---

My review shows fps results for the 400e vs airsoft.  In summary, my 400e hangs in around 374 fps using a 5.3 gr .177 bb.  My airsoft comes in about 258 fps using a 3.1 gr 6mm bb.  Taking into account projectile weights, this comes out to:

400e = 1.6 fpe
TM M4 = 0.5 fpe

I would say the 400e easily beats the airsoft in terms of calculated energy.  Of course, your actual mileage may vary, but these are my calculated results.

Note that airsofts can be tuned to likely increase energy, I do have a couple more powerful ones I could chrono to see what results I get.



From the fpe calculator website.



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