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Marbles catch 22, great way to carry ammo in the field


Just wanted to share this little contraption that is excellent for carrying ammo while hunting, field target match or even just general storage at the range. It has 10 tubes(designed to carry 5 rounds standard 22lr) that can be individually accessed . I have 18, 23 grain NSA slugs in each tube here, giving me 180 slugs. Plenty for multiple field outings.

It will easily fit .25 cal ammo, and on my calibers measures exactly. 300. A standard .308 bullet will just not fit, but a 30 cal slug just might? I don't own a .30 airgun so you guys can decide if it will go. However, you could EASILY modify each tube to fit .30 if not by simply over boring a bit. These go for around $10 and clip on and off the belt nicely. 

Josh, great find and thanks for sharing that....just ordered one!

I've had a couple of those for decades I've used for .22LR, but I never thought of using them for airgun ammo.Thanks for the tip.
The first one I got the sliding lid slid too easily, so I cut section from a bicycle tube to hold it in place.

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