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My AJP just died!

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Rat Sniper (AKA: PaulT58):
I was sitting in the living room this morning when we heard what sounded like a huge air leak coming from my hobby room!  I went to investigate and sure enough, the AJP had dumped all it's air!  I'm not sure yet what happened because I have not had a chance to really look at it, but I feel the air came from the barrel since one of my new rubber easer tipped arrows was lying on the floor next to it and wasn't slid onto the barrel like I left it yesterday!  Fortunately it wasn't seated onto the o-rings so I doubt it left the barrl at full velocity, and since it was in the closet leaning up against the wall, the arrow probably hit the underside of the wire rack.  After lunch I'm going to try and air it up and see if it holds air or if it's leaking and from where.  There is a burst disc, but if that blew, it's right next to the fill nozzle, so no air would have escaped from the barrel.  It did have a full 4500 psi fill, so when it let go it was quite loud!  I just hope I can get the parts to fix it and don't have to send it back for a replacement since I painted the fore grip and already polished the trigger and changed the springs! 

Now that's a scary thought...  :-\

"But I swear, your Honor, I did not murder her".

Hope you get it figured out, and don't have to send it back.  I was looking forward to what those new rat mashing tips would do.

Rat Sniper (AKA: PaulT58):
I called Umarex and they sent me a return shipping label, so it is going back.  I did tell them I painted the fore grip green and they didn't seem to care, they just said to remove any accessories I had added, so the rails and trigger springs came off.  I was suprised at how smooth the trigger still was with the original spring back in it.  Still heavy, but way smoother! 

I also tried airing it up both cocked and uncocked with the same results.  Air just blew right out the barrel, so I'm guessing the valve must have failed.  I guess I'll when I get it back, they did say if they couldn't repair it they would just replace it!  The valve assemble is a big one piece sealed hunk of metal that does not look user serviceable, so I suspect they will either repalce the whole assembly with a new one, or replace the whole thing.

Rob M:
interesting.. most likely the poppet failed.. hope it works out , was curious about the erasers


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